EMDR Therapy Advanced Training

EMDR Therapy Advanced training provides ongoing continuous professional development to clinicians who have trained in EMDR Therapy and who are integrating it into their practice.

It is widely acknowledged that the relatively brief initial EMDR therapy training equips clinicians with the knowledge and skills to enable them to get started in the process of integrating EMDR therapy into their practices. Beyond that, they face the task of mastering the use of EMDR therapy with a variety of complex clinical presentations.

EMDR Therapy Advanced training training provides clinicians with ongoing opportunity to

    • Develop advanced EMDR Therapy Skills and competencies
    • Learn how to work with complex cases and presentations
    • Apply EMDR therapy to a wide range of clinical presentations
    • Learn advanced EMDR Therapy protocols, methods and techniques
    • Integrate EMDR Therapy with other approaches – Somatic, Ego States, etc.

Your Trainer

Gus Murray M.SC., M.HRD is an EMDR Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant with 20 years’ experience in the use of EMDR therapy

Gus is a highly experienced Counselling and Psychotherapy trainer having been Programme Director and Lead Trainer at the Cork Institute of Technology for over 25 years. He is widely recognised for his capable, dynamic and interactive training style which is endorsed by repeated feedback from participants. He holds a Master’s degree (M.HRD) in Training and Development.

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